Serving Kern County Children and Veterans

Turner Park was built for the children staying at the Jamison
Center. It is a four acre park and includes a playground area and
volleyball court, covered area for picnics/parties, and lots of

grass for the kids to run and play. The park was built as a Kiwa
nis Division 33 project, and Westchester Kiwanis, Charter

member, Jim “Pop” Turner was instrumental in the actual
building of the park along with ensuring that Westchester
Kiwanis would provide equipment and ongoing maintenance of
the park since 1986. Every two weeks the Club mows, edges,
weed-whacks, and cuts the grass keeping the area looking good
for those deserving kids. In 2001, the park was named in Jim
Turner’s honor by the County Board of Supervisors, just two
years before his passing.

Westchester Kiwanis Club members and their family have
participated in an ongoing year-round blood donation project for
more than 25 years. Donations given under the Club’s name,
through Houchin Community Blood Bank, are credited to any
person in need of blood. Donations given by Westchester Kiwanis
total as much as 100 units per year.

Since 1963, the Jack Frost Football organization has been
“keeping kids in cleats, not the streets.” The goals of Jack Frost
Football are to develop ideals of health, citizenship, and
character; to instill sportsmanship, fair play and team spirit; to
teach fundamentals and rules of the game; to promote safety in
competitive activity; to put effort exerted and attitude displayed
above winning and to develop mutual respect and appreciation
among youngsters of varied backgrounds. Westchester Kiwanis
Club supports Jack Frost Football by donating funds and also
provides volunteers to assist at games.

Westchester Kiwanis Club supports the Kern County Superinten-
dent of Schools special needs program in various ways. In collab-
oration with McDonald’s they sponsor the annual open house by

serving meals to approximately 40 families. In addition,
Westchester Kiwanis donated $500 for students to participate in

community based instruction events. Community based instruc-
tional activities included: touring the Kern County Museum oil

exhibit, learning how pizza is made, ice skating, and bowl-
ing. During these trips students had the opportunity to work on

social skill development, money management, and learn how
small businesses operate.

Westchester Kiwanis has been a longtime supporter of this event.

The purpose of the project is to provide a way for students at CSUB to raise money to support the Lauren Small Chil-
dren’s Center at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital by organizing a5k, a gaming event, and a concert. All three events are the sameday on the CSUB campus as part of the "RowdyCon" event. The
project provides a fun, community and kid-friendly event while raising money to fund life-saving medical equipment to treat the children of Kern County. Westchester Kiwanis Club provides
$1,500 to help cover costs of the event.

Westchester Kiwanis Club supports Ronald McDonald House by
providing volunteers to assist with needed duties associated with
raising monies. Ronald McDonald House has many needs to help
provide services for families of hospitalized children as well as to
raise funds to remodel and enlarge existing facilities.

Each year, Westchester Kiwanis members work as volunteers to
stage the many entries participating in these two events. It takes
12 to 15 members to organize and stage the floats, bands and
other entries in order to ensure these parades run smoothly and
on time. Westchester Kiwanis volunteers can contribute as much
as 150 total volunteer service hours between these two events.

Westchester Kiwanis Club has participated in a national program
for many years that provides dictionaries, mainly to third-grade
students. The Club choose two schools from lower-income are-
as, Horace Mann School and Longfellow School, and present
each third-grade student with a dictionary that they can take
home at the end of the year. The Bakersfield City School District
is grateful for this project.

The Kern Division of the California Retired Teachers Association
has been administering the annual spelling bee for many years.
The county winner goes on to participate in the national event
held in Washington, D.C. Westchester Kiwanis Club financially
contributes up to $500 annually to offset the costs of the
competition such as facilities, trophies, certificates, programs,
etc. The funds also provide travel assistance for the winner and
parent to attend finals.